Why Prism was Pathetic

Guest post by Leron Wellington


Here’s a scathing review courtesy of a classmate of mine, fellow blogger Leron Wellington.  The man knows music!  Check out his blog Albums and Ages to read more pieces written by Leron.  

Katy Perry is popularly known in the music industry as either the girls who kissed a girl or the girl who shoots whipped cream out of her breasts. She is arguably one of the most famous pop singers who can’t sing today. And her most recent album, Prism, which was released in 2013 proves just that.

While songs individually might be categorized with her previous albums that actually had good messages, as a whole the album is all over the place and leaves you wondering “What was Katy doing?”

Her single “Roar” begins the album strong with it’s synth-electronic beats under the synth-bass. It’s a toe-tapper and while the chorus is extremely corny, it is catchy. The one problem with this song is Katy’s lazy one note on the end of roar. It’s unnecessary and annoying.

She then immediately drops the ball with “Legendary Lovers” which begins with an sarangi which is then barely heard because of a beat that makes you want to sleep. Her melodies during the verses are non-existence and the chorus is un-memorable.

The album has its catchy songs like  “Birthday” and “Walking on Air” but they have no depth, meaning or purpose. They seems to have a common theme of being in love and happy, which will seem confusing when you think about the ending of her marriage with British twat Russle Brand.

And then you have even more pop trash with songs like “Dark Horse” and “This Is How We Do” that make you feel as though you are being talked down to. Partially because of lyrics like “Now we talking astrology, getting our nails did, all Japenes-y” Bot song are great examples of Katy’s biggest controversies for cultrual appropriation. Having cornrows on album covers and using vague Egyptian culture as an inspiration.

Perry is clearly all over the place. I can only assume that she feels like a plastic bag after this album where she either confesses her love (probably to the twat) or tries to be cool and fun (while stealing other people’s culture).