Bob Dylan’s worst album (AllMusic review)

Bob Dylan has released a ton of albums (38, to be exact) throughout his decades-spanning career.  With such an enormous output, it’s no surprise that there are a few duds scattered throughout the mix. Continue reading “Bob Dylan’s worst album (AllMusic review)”


Artist of the Week: Chuck Berry

Last week, the music world lost an all-time legend when Chuck Berry passed away at the ripe old age of 90.  Who was Chuck Berry, you might ask?  The quick answer: the inventor of rock and roll. Continue reading “Artist of the Week: Chuck Berry”

Artist of the Week: the Pixies

If you’re not familiar with the Pixies, you’ve still might have heard some of their songs before.  Ever seen the movie Fight Club?  The Pixies’ most well-known tune, “Where is My Mind?”, plays during Fight Club’s famous final scene.

And if you haven’t heard the Pixies or watched Fight Club before, then ask yourself a question: have you ever lived? Continue reading “Artist of the Week: the Pixies”

Artist of the Week: Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s influence is inescapable.  Turn on any classic rock radio station and “Money” will probably be played within the hour.  Bands ranging from Radiohead to Tangerine Dream to The Smashing Pumpkins have all cited Pink Floyd as an influence.  And literally everywhere you go you’ll see someone with some form of Pink Floyd apparel.  In fact, there’s a guy with a jewelry kiosk at my college right now who has worn a Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt every day he’s been here. Continue reading “Artist of the Week: Pink Floyd”