Bob Dylan’s worst album (AllMusic review)

Bob Dylan has released a ton of albums (38, to be exact) throughout his decades-spanning career.  With such an enormous output, it’s no surprise that there are a few duds scattered throughout the mix.

Dylan, who reluctantly accepted a Nobel Prize earlier this year, has always been one to dodge people’s expectations.  When he became the most famous folk singer of his generation, he ditched the acoustic guitar to go electric.  When his revolutionary rock sound could go no farther, he retreated from public eye and performed barebones country-blues.

Legend has it that he created the sprawling 1970 double-LP Self-Portrait with the intent of making it terrible, to further bewilder his fans.  Whatever the case, Dylan succeeded.  This befuddling album is less self-portrait and more self-parody.

Here is AllMusic’s review of Self Portrait, written by Stephen Thomas Erlewine.

Self Portrait – Bob Dylan | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic


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