5 definitive Pixies songs

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pixies, here are five songs that I think best represent what the band is all about.

“Where is My Mind?”

AKA the song from Fight Club.  This is the Pixies’ most recognizable and, probably, catchiest tune.  From their 1987 debut Surfer Rosa.


The Pixies set the blueprint for every ‘90s rock band desperate to be hip.  An important piece of the puzzle is to have at least one girl in the group.  If she can sing, even better.  Kim Deal sure could sing, and this song from Surfer Rosa is among her finest achievements.  The lyrics, well…better left unsaid.  Here’s a hint: the song is called “Gigantic.”



I’d say this is the definitive Pixies song.  It’s got everything the band does best: soft-loud dynamics, extremely catchy hooks and surreal lyrics that refer to the works of Salvador Dali.  Sample verse: “slicing up eyeballs/oh-oh-oh-oh


“Here Comes Your Man”

The unlikely integration of surf rock into the Pixies’ arsenal is one of the reasons their sound was so unique and why this song is so damn catchy.  It appears on their 1989 album Doolittle, which is a good starting point if you’ve never heard the band before.


“Monkey Gone to Heaven”

One minute lead singer Black Francis will be softly crooning, the next he’ll be belting out primal screams.  That’s the soft-LOUD dynamics I was talking about, which are on point in this one.  Also, doesn’t Nirvana’s “Dumb” sound somewhat similar?


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