Artist of the Week: the Pixies

If you’re not familiar with the Pixies, you’ve still might have heard some of their songs before.  Ever seen the movie Fight Club?  The Pixies’ most well-known tune, “Where is My Mind?”, plays during Fight Club’s famous final scene.

And if you haven’t heard the Pixies or watched Fight Club before, then ask yourself a question: have you ever lived? Continue reading “Artist of the Week: the Pixies”


Give these underrated Pink Floyd records a try

Pink Floyd’s run of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall is one of the greatest winning streaks in rock history.  But if those albums aren’t enough to fulfill your Pink Floyd fix, then give these ones a try: Continue reading “Give these underrated Pink Floyd records a try”

Ummagumma is Pink Floyd without a sense of direction

Pink Floyd originally consisted of Roger Waters (bass guitar), Rick Wright (keyboards), Nick Mason (drums), and Syd Barrett (guitar/vocals).  Barrett was the driving creative force during the band’s early days and was responsible for writing nearly all the songs on their trippy 1967 debut The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

But Barrett was becoming increasingly unstable and unpredictable—probably due to all the acid he was dropping—and so he was replaced by guitarist David Gilmour.  Barrett was fired soon after the band’s second album, A Saucerful of Secrets, and so Pink Floyd was left searching for a new musical identity. Continue reading “Ummagumma is Pink Floyd without a sense of direction”

Artist of the Week: Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s influence is inescapable.  Turn on any classic rock radio station and “Money” will probably be played within the hour.  Bands ranging from Radiohead to Tangerine Dream to The Smashing Pumpkins have all cited Pink Floyd as an influence.  And literally everywhere you go you’ll see someone with some form of Pink Floyd apparel.  In fact, there’s a guy with a jewelry kiosk at my college right now who has worn a Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt every day he’s been here. Continue reading “Artist of the Week: Pink Floyd”

Why even listen to ’em?

What could you possibly get out of listening to a bad album by a great band?

Bad albums by great bands.  If a band’s around long enough, they’re bound to have a dud or two (or maybe several).  It doesn’t matter if you’re Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, The Clash, whoever.  It happens to the best of us. Continue reading “Why even listen to ’em?”